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The most recent major activity: Crimean gold
Our Dutch-Ukrainian team of lawyers and activists at the Crimean gold trial in Amsterdam – optimistic upon the ruling in favor of its rightful return to Ukraine! Ukrainians in the Netherlands Foundation was actively involved in the trail preparation, contributing document translations and providing support at various levels.

Updates on the 2017-2019 events will be available soon

Event backlog up to 2016

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Referendum 2016

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement referendum
Contents [hide] 1 Participation in the “Yes” campaign coalition:
1.1 Planning and coordination
1.2 Direct interaction with voters regarding information about Ukraine and the Association Agreement
1.3 Event organization
1.4 Media:
Participation in the “Yes” campaign coalition:
Throughout the entire “Yes” campaign, Ukrainians in all regions of the Netherlands staged an active information campaign in support of Ukraine by: distributing flyers, Ukrainian souvenirs, merchandise and delicacies; writing articles; and providing translations and numerous interviews in the Dutch local and national press.
The Ukrainians in the Netherlands Foundation applied for a grant to fund a broad spectrum of initiatives, which was rejected. Therefore, all the Foundation’s activities where self funded or sponsored by third parties.
The Foundation is grateful for the support and collaboration of its co-organizers, partners, sponsors, and especially, its volunteers, who tirelessly and persistently worked I order to inform as many Dutch voters as possible about Ukraine to help them make a measured decision during the referendum on 6 April 2016.
Planning and coordination
The organization, establishing of contacts, and development of mechanisms of cooperation between the Ukrainian community’s working group in the Netherlands and Dutch and Ukrainian governmental and nongovernmental organizations.
Survey of 28,000 inhabitants of the northern provinces of the Netherlands (Friesland, Drenthe, Groningen): November-December 2015.
Direct interaction with voters regarding information about Ukraine and the Association Agreement
Active participation in the 50-person working group for volunteer project (590,000 visitors in five months, re-publishing on other sites, number-1 Google search).
The provision of a legal entity via the Foundation.
Active support in the discussion and preparation of the site as well as the publication of materials.
Direct correspondence with visitors to the site, forum discussion and moderation.
Promotion of and support for Twitter account @UAReferendum – 5,500 tweets, 500 followers.
Flyer campaign “From heart to Heart”: 601,500 flyers distributed in the provinces of Drenthe, Groningen, Friesland and Utrecht.
Event organization
Anne Applebaum’s visit to the Netherlands, which included:
– A press meet-and-greet, Nieuwspoort international press center, The Hague.
– Event, including video recording and streaming, with Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, DeBalie, Аmsterdam.
– Media coverage: Een Vandaag TV, UNLtv, NederlandsDagblad newspaper, De Groene Amsterdammer newspaper.
Ukrainian Culture Day in the north of the Netherlands (Ukrainian Choir from Kyiv, Ukrainian folk instruments and cuisine, presentation about Ukraine):
Saint Joseph’s Cathedral, Groningen
Hogezand Roman Catholic Church

Varenyk (dumpling)-making master class, Sappemeer, Groningen province.
‘Winter on Fire’ film screening in The Hague, Amsterdam and Groningen:
– Q&A with director Evgeny Afineevsky
– Media coverage: Het Parool, UNLtv, RTL news
Kiev Dialogue “The European Union, the Netherlands and Ukraine: the benefits and prospects of cooperation”, The Hague:
– Event co-organization
– Planning and preparation of implementation and moderation materials
Organization of MP S. Leshchenko’s visit :
– Participation in meetings and debates
– Media coverage: NRS, Een vandaag TV
Participation in a meeting between voters and Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Liliane Ploumen.
Interview on BNR Radio.
Lecture series “EU-Ukraine: What’s Important”, Groningen.
Debates on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Leeuwarden, Friesland.
Ukrainian-Turkish football tournament, Groningen.
Meeting with LGBT representatives, Groningen.
Global flash mob “I’m riding along” Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs P. Klimkin,organized in collaboration with Amsterdam, Groningen and other cities in the Netherlands.
Turkish community relations and support:
-Meeting with Turkish and Crimean Tatar community leaders
– Media coverage: Turkish diaspora press, Turkish streaming channel
Debate with the Dutch Jewish community regarding the Ukrainian general population’s solidarity with Ukrainian Jews, 3 April, Amsterdam.
Media interviews and appearances:

Recruitment of speakers for the following media opportunities, including interviews with community representatives and volunteers:

  • Studio 040
  • Baarn
  •, HSradio
  • RTL
  • Volkskrant
  • Trouw
  • Radio 1, among others

Proprietary media:
– Video  “The Netherlands discover Ukraine” (Ukrainian translation), screened during events at Leiden University and Utrecht University.
Launch of the first Ukrainian internet channel in the Netherlands, promotion on Facebook and YouTube.
Preparation and translation of Ukrainian informational video:
Caricatures .
Business forum.
Meeting between Hague mayor J. van Aartsen and Kyiv mayor V. Klitschko.