Membership and donation

What does membership entail?

  1. Members actively participate in Ukrainian life in the Netherlands and contribute to the process of promoting the image of Ukraine in the Netherlands and globally, as well as to the development of civil and information societies in Ukraine.
  2. Members participate in cultural, community and academic initiatives and events in the Netherlands that are linked to the lives of Ukrainians in the diaspora and Ukraine.
  3. Members choose the type of activity they wish to participate in (and are not be required to participate in every initiative, but may be asked by the Foundation to support specific events). This includes: cultural events (organizing, catering, etc.), translation, transport, writing articles for media projects, administration, organizing tours and excursions.
  4. Members promote the organization among friends and acquaintances.
  5. Members can initiate or participate in training sessions and master classes promoted by the Foundation.
  6. Members are eligible for discounts, including a 20% discount on the entrance fee to cultural events such as concerts, festivals, master classes, and others.
  7. Members receive practical information and explanation about:
    – Finding housing in the Netherlands
    – The family healthcare system (huisarts)
    – The educational system (elementary, intermediate and higher education and their specifics
    – The tax system
    – Practical information for students
    – Free theoretical training materials (books, CDs) for those who wish to earn a driver’s license
  8. Annual membership fee.

One-time donation

Total: € -


Total: € -

“Ukrainians in the Netherlands” Foundation can be also supported via the following methods:

    • Bank transfer to our ING bank account in the Netherlands:
      Account number: NL97INGB 0006 5104 66
      ANBI: 853747945
    • Donate via Paypal

You can also contact us via email and social media in case further clarifications are required. Ukrainians in the Netherlands Foundation is grateful for your generous support.