Humanitarian aid

“Give a child a smile”
Ukrainians in the Netherlands Foundation has contributed to the establishment of children’s corners in the following facilities in Ukraine:

  1. Ismailovsky specialized children’s building, Odesa oblast
  2. Children’s unit, Hlukhiv Central Regional Hospital
  3. “Golden Key” center for the socialization and rehabilitation of Children with Autism , Ternopil
  4. Outpatient clinic, Blahodatne, Novovolynska oblast
  5. Central Hospital, Rohatyn
  6. Municipal executive committee, Hlukhiv
  7. Okhmatdit Hospital (four corners), Kyiv
  8. Neurology unit, St. Zinayida Hospital, Sumy
  9. Rehabilitation center for disabled, Tarashcha, Kyiv oblast
  10. Community organization “ Svit Dlya Ditey” (Children’s World), Novovolynsk
  11. Boarding School, Pishchane, Baltic rayon, Odesa Oblast
  12. Children’s orphanage, Lutsk

Support for wounded Ukrainian soldiers treated in Germany