Quite often we collaborate with various companies for organizing concerts of Ukrainian artists in the Netherlands. We offer some opportunities for sponsors’ promotion:
– place a dedicated physical sponsor banner/roll-up poster at a concert venue
– spread sponsor flyers at a concert venue
– Sponsor logo on all printed concert promo materials:
     * A3/A2 banners
     * flyers
     * wristbands
– Sponsor logo on a concert roll-up banner at the concert venue (often used as a background for taking photos)
– Tarom logo on all digital media:
     * full HD digital concert promo poster on concert hall related monitor network
     * 2-5 FaceBook event headers
     * 2-5 Instagram post header
     * 1-3 Facabook videos
     * 1-3 Instagram videos
     * 1-3 YouTube videos
– mentioning sponsor, as a general sponsor, in publications on FaceBook, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram
– mentioning sponsor, as a general sponsor on our ticket selling service web-site
– link to sponsor web-site / FB from all digital media we publish

Additionally, all printed media will be spread among russian and romanian community spots, such as restaurants, gyms, haircut shops, etc.

After the concert, we send you a performance report where one can find all the numbers regarding views, clicks, impressions, and the audience reached.

We often need a high-quality logo of the sponsor to start printing physical banners as soon as possible.