“Ukrainians in the Netherlands” Foundation is a platform for Ukrainian ideas and projects in the Netherlands.

  • We unite Ukrainians in the Netherlands and provide a foundation for the strong local Ukrainian diaspora, which is an active and positive part of Dutch society.
  • We focus on preserving our Ukrainian identity, culture and traditions for current and future generations. We establish Ukrainian schools, libraries, and houses of worship, among others.
  • We facilitate the active integration of Ukrainians in Dutch society.
  • We work on initiatives in the cultural, educational, business, political and media spheres, with the aim of supporting and realizing projects between Ukraine and the Netherlands.
  • We strive to facilitate collaboration between Dutch and Ukrainian entrepreneurs.
  • We organize round-table discussions, seminars, conferences, business forums, trainings, meetings, exchanges and other events.

We bring Ukraine’s native culture to Europe’s citizens through art, music, events and receptions, and offer the following programs and services:

  • Master classes in traditional Ukrainian cooking, egg decorating (pysanky) and folk painting (petrykivka)
  • Promotional materials: videos, banners, flyers, brochures
  • Video clips and streaming
  • Dutch and Ukrainian language courses
  • Translations
  • Legal services
  • Ukraine-based consultancy services on starting a business in the Netherlands
  • Travel support for visiting Ukraine and the Netherlands